Cumberland Valley Business Park

Cumberland Valley Business Park Association (CVBPA)

    Letterkenny Township

    Letterkenny Township, named after a town in County Donegal, Ireland was founded in 1734. Approximately 150 acres of the western portion of the Cumberland Valley Business Park is located in Letterkenny Township. Over 17,000 acres of the Letterkenny Army Depot was located in Letterkenny Township prior to the formation of the base. The township is mostly rural, small communities and agriculturally based. Today, Letterkenny Township encompasses a 70 square mile area with a population of 2,380. There is currently no zoning ordinance. There is a subdivision and land development ordinance enforced by the local officials. The Township system of government is maintained by three supervisors. To contact Letterkenny Township officials, call or write to: Letterkenny Township 4924 Orrstown Road Orrstown, PA 17244 (717) 532-8716

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