Cumberland Valley Business Park

Letterkenny Industrial Development Authority (LIDA)

    Electrical Distribution System Fact Sheet

    The System

    12,470-volt system

      • served by Allegheny Power substation fed via a 138 kva feeder, can be fed from 2 directions
      • constructed in 1993
      • eight circuits at 12.47 kv, approximately 35 miles of aerial distribution, and 2 miles of underground distribution
      • most poles carry two circuits, system has significant redundancy
      • in excellent condition
      • serves Cumberland Valley Business Park and Army?s retained industrial area

    LIDA owns the electrical distribution system, purchases power as a wholesale customer and distributes it to the Army and customers in the Business Park. LIDA has contracted with Allegheny Power to operate the electrical distribution system. Allegheny maintains the system and bills LIDA?s customers. Customers deal directly with Allegheny for all service issues.


    LIDA?s rates are similar to Allegheny Power Schedules 20, 30 and 40. The major difference is that customers will pay for service upgrades up front, and LIDA will not assess minimum charges or minimum term service agreements for purchase of power. Because LIDA purchases wholesale power, retail choice is not normally available to its customers.


    For more information or to apply for service, contact LIDA's Utilities Program Manager at (717) 267-9351 x-28.


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